Wellness & Mindfulness Training

Rhythmic Re-framing is a dynamic wellness modality that creates liberating internal experiences and offers life tools to support personal growth and wellness.

In this method, participants use hand drums, percussion instruments and/or body percussion in conjunction with mindfulness, vibrational “drum medicine” and affirmation to shift “stuck” energy, awareness and mental patterning into positive, empowered and newly vital states.

This powerful work can be practiced successfully both in group and individual contexts.

  • Group work can greatly support individuals toward becoming more confident being visible in public situations.
  • Individual work in this modality can more deeply address and shift personal mental and behavioural patterning.

I met the djembe approximately one year ago.  For me, drumming was love at first bang.  I started playing because I loved the rhythms and the ability to lose myself in the music.  Any time I was feeling unbalanced, I was able to play and find myself grounded and centred again.

I was experiencing a tumultuous journey with my mental health when Tanya introduced me to a more structured use of the drum through Rhythmic Reframing.  We completed a series of individual sessions that were tailored specifically to my needs.  The whole experience was a healing and empowering journey that combined drum medicine, meditation, affirmations and aspects of cognitive behavioural therapy.  Tanya was able to challenge me to look at my thoughts and emotions, while also providing the utmost support and the healing vibration of the drum.  I continue to use my Rhythmic Reframing program as an essential tool to my health and wellness.  It is definitely one of the more powerful pieces of my road to recovery.

D. LeBlanc

Learning a new language in a new country with new people is not easy, especially for learners whose recent past can also require a lot of healing. In the world of barriers, borders, and divisions, rhythm and music provide a path to unity.

Tanya Porter, local founder of Rhythmic Re-framing and The Inner Space presented each student with their own drum and introduced drumming and music as a fun type of communication. As students learned their “voices,” the sound of the melodies changed, grew and evolved until everything came together and turned into a beautiful, synchronized drumbeat.

Much like our classes, schools, communities and country, people who come together through music and their many differences can work together to create something amazing which all of us can call our own.

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Dikosava Gajic

Department Head of Language Programs, , Durham District School Board